RCM Private Classes (Royal Conservatory of Music)

A proven method of music instruction, RCM students learn a broad repertoire of classical, jazz, and popular music.  Students take exams and do regular performances to monitor their progress. 

Jazz & pop private

Band instrument players, guitar, and piano students with a special interest in specific musical styles learn musical proficiency from experienced instructors. 

Group Guitar Lessons


A fast fun way to learn a lifelong talent while making new friends!  Students are grouped by age and learn appropriate songs and melodies.  

Level 1 – Quick start guitar!

Level 2 –Songs, Songs, Songs!

Melody Clouds Group Classes –piano focus

Level 1 - Preschool and Kindergarten Group Music Classes. (3.5-5 yr old children) Children learn rhythm and song, piano skills, and are introduced to different instruments, while having fun. (Children must know letters A to G and numbers 1 to 5 in order to participate).

Level 2 - Preschool and Kindergarten Group Music Classes. (3.5-5 yr old children)  Students learn more advanced skills including different melodies and rhythm on piano, and other instruments.

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Music Performance Club

Melody Clouds Music Academy provides students an opportunity to build their confidence and playing ability through performance. Performance helps students memorize repertoire and they receive feedback on their performance from an Academy instructor.  In addition, it is an opportunity for students and parents to socialize and make friends.

Students of all ages, and from other leaning centers are welcome, but must pre-register.